Brixx Pizzeria – Italian

8204 Old Redwood Hwy / Cotati / 707-664-1418

Category: Pizza
16 Kentucky St / Petaluma / 707-766-8162

Open: 7-days    4pm – 9pm
D only      Beer & Wine.

** 8/17 & 9/1/2011 $$

The new location in Cotati, next door to the Tradewinds bar would be a welcome edition for pizza since Giovanni’s down the street has been closed since July with no sign of reopening but, after two mediocre pizza’s from Brixx sampled while at the Tradewinds (the bar and restaurant share a pass-through window for food service) I was underwhelmed and felt over-charged for pizza that had too many conflicting flavors. Less is definitely more and unfortunately, Brixx thinks more is more. Perhaps I am not the only food critic around these parts as the once open for lunch sign is now dark, it’s dinner only.  Our dinner visit  at the restaurant was even less of an enjoyable experience as the food came out way too slow. The server was fine but the kitchen needs help in organizing their time. With a room less than half full (capacity is maybe 30 people) why did it take 25 minutes to get a starter salad? I asked for their signature pizza, “4th Rock from the Sun” sausage, roasted red peppers, purple onion, mozzarella & goat cheese. It looked like a snowy white out on a plate. Way too much cheese and I almost needed a magnifying glass to see the sausage. I think the mozzarella and the goat cheese were in conflict with each other as the taste came across sour. Alias the thin crust was wonderful so I ended up scrapping off the toppings and ate the crust. The other dish ordered was a “Monsieur sr.” hickory smoked ham sandwich with roasted red peppers, gruyere & pesto. Not very good. Bread was stale and under toasted and the Caesar side salad was way over-dressed which wilted the lettuce making it inedible.  I am hoping the charming owner of this restaurant takes a cue and attempts to re-work his menu of pizzas and gets back to basics.

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