Friar Tucks – Pub Grub

8201 Old Redwood Hwy / Cotati / 707-792-9847

Category:  Irish Pub
Open:  7 days   11:30am-2am    L-D

Entertainment – Pool Tables

** 8/23, 9/13/11                      $-$$

Formerly in the Oliver’s Shopping Center strip mall and now residing in the only true landmark building (in my opinion) in Cotati, the former Inn of the Beginning, it’s not like this Irish Pub needed to live up to any standard for food service but, I do expect a signature Irish dish like Corned Beef and Cabbage served at a traditional Irish pub like Friar Tucks to reach the table hot and the frozen veggies to be warmed through.  Unfortunately, that is not what I got.

Another disappointment were the Fried Onion Rings and fried Calamari. The rings were dark, dark, dark brown which means the fry oil is not being changed regularly and the frozen Calamari strips were tough probably because they were either over-fried, an inferior brand or both.

On another visit, this time for lunch on the advise of a friend and bartender at the Tradewinds, I ordered their signature hamburger and french fries, they offer 6 different burgers. This one advertised a “special sauce” with grilled onions. It showed up without the onions and no sauce in sight! Look, the place was empty. Our table of 2 and a couple of noon-time beer drinkers at the bar, that was it. Not exactly a rush on the kitchen! I asked the waitress for the sauce and she returned with a dish full, apologizing for the mixup. The burger was fine, nothing special, with or without the sauce and the Tri-Tip Sandwich with Guinness BBQ sauce was dry, with the sauce.

Worthy of mention, both servers were polite and genuinely apologetic. It’s not that I don’t appreciate pub style food. Heck, I even like it when it’s served hot and with everything on the plate as described. Friar Tucks needs to pay more attention to the food being turned out from their kitchen. Beer, pool and darts are fine. Food needs work.

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