Trattoria Due Amici – Italian

8492 Gravenstein Hwy / Cotati CA / 707-792-2665

Category:  Italian
Open: Tue-Fri  11:30am-8:30pm
Sat-Sun  5pm-8:30pm
Closed: Mon

Beer & wine.       L – D

**  7/21/2011         $$

This restaurant came with a very good recommendation. Unfortunately, the food did not meet expectation. Too much under cooked tomatoes in the sauces which, left the pasta tasting a bit sour. And, though the chef told me he spent time in Tuscany learning to cook (he’s really from Madrid, not Italy), somehow the recipes he was taught are nothing like dishes I’ve eaten there or, cook at home. In my opinion, it would take so little to fix his interpretations to bring them back to the true, clean taste of Italian cooking. On the plus side, the place is friendly and the chef/owner does come out frequently to speak to his patrons. All very nice but, I doubt we will return unless it’s to have a salad and a steak!

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