Sally Tomatoes – American Crime!

1100 Valley House Dr / Rohnert Park / 707-665-0260

Category: American
Open: Mon-Fri   7:30am –  9pm        B-L-D
Sat –  5pm – 9pm    D only
Closed on Sunday

Full bar – Pool table – Banquet room

* 9/9/2011        $-$$

This cafe used to be in downtown Cotati. Now it resides in an abandoned Aglient campus building in Rohnert Park that is not easy to find. Once you do don’t expect much. In fact, I’d say forget the effort. This place has only one redeeming value; it’s bar and the loft-sized space it’s in make it interesting and almost worth a visit but stick to the cute bar in the corner or play some pool (2 tables only); if you must order some food, french fries or beer battered onion rings are a safe bet; homemade chips are stale. The pasta bar is on a par with hospital food (gummy penne pasta and mushroom soup sauce for Alfredo?) and the Teriyaki Steak Salad is as close to inedible as I want to get. Truly awful tasting with a cloying, oily dressing. The Pork Slider Trio was light on the BBQ sauce so the sandwich was dry. Best visited for cocktails, a game of pool and maybe some fries.

1 Response to Sally Tomatoes – American Crime!

  1. You were too nice to these mopes. You neglected to mention that the owner is a complete cheesewad.

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