Petite Syrah – Small & Large Plates

Small Plate or, Tapas-Like food at Petite Syrah

205 – 5th Street / Santa Rosa CA / 707-568-4002

Category: Small plates         D

Open: Mon-Thu  5pm-9pm
Fri-Sat  5pm – 10pm
Closed: Sun

Beer, wine & spirits.

***** 8/3 & 7/6/2011           $$-$$$

Turn an ordinary afternoon or evening, into an extraordinary one by eating here. If you liked the old Syrah, you should love, love, love Josh Silvers newest addition or, recondition of one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Rosa. The decor is fresh and inviting, the food and wine pairings, thanks to a deft staff made my afternoon memorable. Small plates are the hot ticket for foodies around The Bay and this menu is both eclectic and exciting. On my first visit since the reincarnation, I sampled a 3-course meal with 2 wine pairings and was wowed from start to finish. First course, a lovely, cool cucumber with 3 kinds of fresh melon balls, thinly shaved, dark, smokey cured beef with salad of frieze and a basil infused oil. Refreshing, light and clean. Second course, Tempura-like, deep fried squash blossoms with dipping sauce and wonderful house blended seasoned salt served with sliced avocado. I’ve always stuffed my blossoms with cheese and herbs then deep-fried them. Good but, this dish brought through the delicate flavor of the blossom. Third course, pear sorbet with olive oil powder, (what? try it, it’s good!) Maldon sea salt and micro celery fronds. OMG…..the Maldon salt brought out everything in this semi-simple desert that lingered on the palate making you want more. Get Thee to Petite Syrah and enjoy a great meal.

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