The Fremont Diner – American Comfort

2698 Fremont Drive / Sonoma / 707-938-7370

Category: Farm Direct Comfort Food
Speciality: Serving large portions – come hungry or, share!
Daily:  B – L    8am-3pm  Mon-Fri /  8am-4pm  Sat-Sun
Beer & Wine / Parking / Patio / Child & Pet Friendly

**** 01/09/12        $$

The Fremont Diner Sign

Having driven by this place for years, thinking it was just another diner along the side of Hwy. #121 and probably fine for a burger with fries and a milkshake, I never gave it much of a thought or considered stopping in to check it out. Big mistake. Huge!

My dear friend Chef Mary Bergin came for lunch on a Sunday afternoon that turned into a dinner that turned into a sleep-over and before retiring she asked if we should go out for breakfast the next morning. Hubby declined (business meetings pending) but I said, “Sure, where do you want to go?” Having never been to Boon Fly Cafe, that was her pick.

The next morning, at the crack of 9:30 am we hit the open road. Upon passing The Fremont Diner en route to Boon Fly Cafe, I mentioned to Mary that I intended to do a review of the little restaurant sometime in the near future. She responded with, “Why not today?” Indeed. Why not? A quick U-turn later, we were parking in the Fremont Diner lot.

The visual of this place screams nostalgia; complete with a rusty circa 1950’s pickup truck parked directly in front of the entrance. Against the wall, a vintage Coca-Cola ice chest. Through the door and into the restaurant, a homey atmosphere with replica signs from the 50’s, wooden tables, metal chairs, and a small counter directly in front of the open kitchen. Cool.

Fremont Diner Rusty Ole' Truck

On a Monday, this place was full and Mary asked if this was unusual – “Not at all, we’re busy every day,” came the waitress’ reply. Nobody stays busy for long if the food isn’t good. So what’s on their menu? Well, “Almost Famous Biscuits & Gravy” ($8.99****  two buttermilk biscuits & house made gravy and house made sausage crumbles) – “Ricotta Pancakes” ($9.99****  made with Bellwether Jersey Ricotta) – “Egg Breakfast”($9.99***  with 2 eggs, toast, house made sausage or bacon and breakfast fries or cheesy grits) appealed to us.  The Almost Famous Biscuits & Gravy is the bomb and  I am not a fan of this dish but, with Chef Mary’s encouragement I decided to get my feet wet. OMG! This could become addictive! Ricotta Pancakes were as light and fluffy as they should be. Since I’m not a Cheesy Grit kinda girl, I depended on Chef Mary and she gave a definitive thumbs up good.

"Almost Famous Biscuits & Gravy" - "Hickory Smoked Bacon" - "Cheesy Grits" - "Ricotta Pancakes"

Other items on the breakfast menu included: “Hangtown Fry” ($12.50 – Drakes Bay Oysters, remoulade, potatoes, bacon and scrambled eggs with baby mustard); “Huevos Rancheros” ($9.99 – Fried tortillas, refried pinuito beans, eggs poached in ranchero sauce, avocado, sour cream and cilantro); “Chicken & Waffle ($10.99 – Thin American style waffle, fried chicken your choice of light or dark meat, syrup & sweet butter); “Fremont Granola” ($4.50 – Sorghum & local honey granola with clover yogurt & quince jelly).

I’ll just bet their hamburgers and fries for lunch time are killer! Another visit? You betcha and I’ll also wager hubby will make sure he’s available for that…..

Fremont Diner on Urbanspoon

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